WordPress and YouTube Videos

Why is it no longer possible to add YouTube videos here as before? I have contacted WP Support about this and my question is now posted in the Forums. This is the first real problem I have ever had with the excellent WP.

When I click “Add Video”, only the message “Grab the VideoPress upgrade” appears. But the VideoPress upgrade does not seem to be needed for YouTube videos. For at the bottom of that message it says “you can also embed videos from other external services for free” (the VideoPress upgrade is not for free). When I click the link there, and then “YouTube”, it says “To quickly embed a YouTube video, simply copy the video’s URL” and “paste it on a line by itself in your post/page editor…We take care of the rest! The video will look something like this:” – and an image of how it should look follows. But the video doesn’t look something like that when I follow these instructions. Only the URL appears.

Under the question “How can I embed videos and other media on my site?”, it says the same: “For…YouTube…you can just paste a direct link to the page in a blank line in a post or page. WordPress will take care of the rest…”. But again, WordPress does not take care of the rest. Only the URL appears.

This way of adding YouTube videos never worked. One always had to click “Add Video”, “From URL”, and then paste the URL there. Only then did the video look the way it should look according to WordPress. But now it is impossible to click “Add Video” and “From URL”, since only “Grab the VideoPress upgrade” message appears when one clicks “Add Video”.


WordPress has now solved the problem – not by removing the “Grab the VideoPress upgrade” ad but by adding to the “Get started with VideoPress” option in it the option “or Embed an External Video”, which corresponds to the “Add Video” function. This solution was produced quickly, within a few hours. See the brief discussion with the moderator in Forums. (Pasting the URLs directly in the post still doesn’t work however.)

Update 2:

The “Grab the VideoPress upgrade” ad was removed the following day.

Update 3:

A new version of the VideoPress upgrade ad now – a week later – appears when one clicks ‘Add Video’, followed by the option ‘If you just want to embed videos from other sites such as YouTube, click the “From URL” tab above.’ This corresponds to the first Update above, except for the new formulations, and inasmuch as reference is made to the “From URL” tab, a reference which seems to imply that it is now agreed that it is not possible to paste URLs directly in a post and that “Add Video” and “From URL” must be clicked.

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