Categories Update

Personalism and Value-Centered Historicism are no longer subcategories of Idealism. This is not primarily because the versions of personalism and value-centered historicism I defend are no longer idealistic (although it might be a little unnecessary to insist by way of such subordination among the categories that I regard them as idealistic, since there are many who are interested in personalism and value-centered historicism who are not yet prepared to accept my distinct understanding of them, and idealism in the respects going beyond these philosophies that I defend), but in order to make it easier for readers who wish to find posts on idealism which are not about personalism and value-centered idealism. Of course, on the Contents page, it is always possible to see which posts are in the Idealism category as distinct from the other two. But those who click Idealism would see all the posts in the subcategories too. Now it is possible to view the other idealism posts separately by clicking Idealism.

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"A Self-realized being cannot help benefiting the world. His very existence is the highest good."
Ramana Maharshi