Harikeśa Swami Viṣṇupāda: Varṇaśrama Manifesto for Social Sanity

The Bhaktivedanta Book Trust, 1981

Back Cover:

Harikesha SwamiA treasure for those seriously pondering the destiny of the world, this manifesto persuasively argues that the day of the materially based nation-state is over. Challenging the economic and political goals most of us tacitly accept, the author uncovers a massive yet hidden flaw in the foundation of modern social systems and offers a new blue-print for the restructuring of human society.

Preface by Jay A. Matsya, editor:

The increasing social chaos, economic decay and military confrontation throughout the world should not receive the full measure of our resentment and scorn. We all desire that our national and international environments yield as much happiness, comfort, and serenity as possible. Times of upheaval and testing, however, do have their value. An ancient Indian pundit once commented that a truly intelligent person should know how to extract nectar from a stock of poison, perceive a rare jewel amid a pile of garbage, and acquire wisdom from a low-class but qualified teacher. At first glance, perilous epochs in history seem to offer participants nothing beyond hardship, suffering, and despair. But one should not fail to note that during adverse years, when the human grasp on reality shakes, the world’s thinkers are sometimes moved to exert their intellects with a special profundity.

Whether man is heading in the right direction or completely off course is a question phrased earnestly in the sea of troubles, not on Easy Street. Hence, the present world climate of materialistic unrest and failure holds great import for sage thinkers. Now the impetus is generously available for intense re-evaluation of the foundation and structure of human society. Distressing circumstances mercifully press us to take a more careful look at ourselves and our civilization. Thus, humanity may inch closer to clues of lasting social prosperity and peace.

After ten years of rigorous thought, supplemented with extensive travels on each continent, the author decided – hesitantly, he admits – that at last he was ready to write this book and that human society might be ready to receive it. The Varṇaśrama Manifesto for Social Sanity presents sociological, political and economic perspectives and information never before considered by modern man. Its unique proposals derive from a reservoir of knowledge most learned persons have yet to tap. I hope troubled mankind will take advantage.

Harikesha Swami Vishnupada


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