Welcome to Jan Olof Bengtsson: Spirituality – Arts & Humanities – Europe. On this page is found some general information about me and my work, followed by a few comments on this blog and information about my presence in social media. I write in English here and in some posts since I have friends and former colleagues in other countries who do not speak Swedish, and since others abroad may also wish to read me.


Jan Olof Bengtsson, DPhil (Oxon)

I have contributed a limited number of articles to academic journals and other publications since the mid-1980s, and for many years taught the history of ideas at Lund University, although to an equally limited extent. I have also, with some regularity, presented papers at international philosophy conferences on idealism and personalism.

I am best known for my book The Worldview of Personalism: Origins and Early Development (2006). Its publication was followed by a lecture tour in the U.S. and panels at conferences there, including an author-meets-critics panel at the American Philosophical Association. In 2008, a special issue of the philosophical journal The Pluralist was devoted to the book.

Since the early 1990s, I have also attended conferences on interfaith dialogue and the transmission of Eastern spirituality to and its reception in the West. In the 2000s, I participated in seminars (including my own) at the Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies, taught Western philosophy at Bhaktivedanta College in Belgium – although only very little – and contributed to the moderated internet forum Vaishnava Advanced Studies (VAST).

In the 1980s, I taught the history of political philosophy – also very little – at the City University in Stockholm, and lectured for the Swedish conservative party and related organizations. In 2015-16 I was a member of the party board of the Sweden Democrats in Stockholm.

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"A Self-realized being cannot help benefiting the world. His very existence is the highest good."
Ramana Maharshi