Patrick J. Buchanan: The Death of the West

How Dying Populations and Immigrant Invasions Imperil Our Country and Civilization

Thomas Dunne Books/St. Martin’s Press, 2002

Back Cover:





What The Death of the West foretells is astonishing:

– Not a single European country – save Moslem Albania – has a birth rate that will enable it to survive in its present form through this century. By 2050, only one-tenth of the world’s people will be of European descent, and it will be the oldest tenth on Earth, with a media age of almost fifty.

– Russia, already in a terminal population crisis, will, by 2050, be driven out of Central Asia by Islamic invaders and lose huge slices of Siberia and her Far East to a China fifteen times as populous.

– There are 30 million foreign-born in the United States today, and between 9 and 11 million illegal aliens – as many illegals as there are people in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Connecticut combined.

– America is losing the cultural war. Militant paganism is crowding out the old Faiths. Separatism is triumphing over integration. The melting pot has become a salad bowl. And the impact upon American society, politics, and culture will be devastating.

In an even-handed, thoughtful tone, Patrick J. Buchanan documents the sea Changes that have already bdgun to take place in our society.

The Death of the West is a timely, provocative book that asks a question that quietly troubles millions: Is the America we grew up in gone forever?

Front Flap:

Collapsing birth rates in Europe and the United States, coupled with population explosions in Africa, Asia, and Latin America, are set to cause cataclysmic shifts in world power, as unchecked immigration swamps and polarizes every Western society and nation.

Drawing on U.N. population projections, recent U.S. census figures, and expert policy studies, prominent conservative Pat Buchanan takes a cold, hard look at the future decay of Europe and America and the decline of Western Culture. In The Death of the West, Buchanan contends that the United States now harbors a “nation within a nation”, that Europe will be inundated by an Islamic-Arab-African invasion, and that most First World nations, including Japan, have begun slowly to vanish from the earth.

And aside from a rapidly aging population, Buchanan argues that the counterculture of the 1960s has now become America’s dominant ethos and is systematically demolishing America’s history and heritage.

Bold, powerful, and persuasive, The Death of the West details how a civilization, Culture, and moral order are passing away and foresees a new world that has terrifying implications for our freedom, our faith, and the preeminence of American democracy.

Patrick J. Buchanan Official Website

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