Patrick J. Buchanan: Where the Right Went Wrong

How Neoconservatives Subverted the Reagan Revolution and Hijacked the Bush Presidency

Thomas Dunne Books, 2004

Back Cover:

A damning indictment of the present masters of the G.O.P., Where the Right Went Wrong calls to account both the Bush White House and Beltway conservatives for an abandonment of principle in the pursuit of permanent power. Topics include:

– The neo-conservative cabal – liberal wolves in conservative suits

– How the Iraq war has widened and imperiled the War on Terror

– How current trade policy outsources American sovereignty, independence, and industrial power

Praise for Patrick J. Buchanan

“Warm and self-deprecating, surprisingly witty, honest to a fault about his political views, and not quite as knee-jerk a Reagan conservative as I’d been led to expect. Mr Buchanan has a secret weapon: charm.” – Fred Barnes, The New York Times 

“Patrick Buchanan is Dennis the Menace with the pen of H. L. Mencken.” – The Christian Science Monitor

“Buchanan is an honest writer who opens his mind and psyche in a way few people can…He minces nothing except an occasional opponent.” – The Philadelphia Inquirer

Front Flap:

A searing exposé of the saboteurs of reaganism and sappers of the Bush administration by three-time presidential candidate and bestselling author Pat Buchanan

American empire is at its apex. We are the sole superpower, with no potential challenger for a generation. We can reach any point of the globe with our cruise missiles and smart bombs, and our culture penetrates every nnook and cranny of the global village. Yet our beloved America is now reviled abroad, dictated to by arrogant judges at home, overrun by special interests, and buried beneath a mountain of debt.

Where the Right Went Wrong chronicles how the Bush administration and Beltway conservatives have abandoned their principles, and how a tiny cabal hijacked U.S. foreign policy and may have ignited a “war of civilizations” with the Islamic world that will leave America mired down in Middle East wars for years to come.

At the same time, these Republicans have sacrificed the American worker on the altar of free trade adn discarded the beliefs of Taft, Goldwater, and Reagan to become a party of big government that sells its soul to the highest bidder.

Published as the 2004 presidential election heats up, Where the Right Went Wrong may be the most controversial political book written this year. Review:

Although the George W. Bush administration is famous for being “on message,” delivering a consistent and polished political perspective no matter what, such consistency apparently does not extend to every member of the conservative universe. In Where the Right Went Wrong, veteran pundit and occasional presidential candidate Patrick Buchanan offers up scathing criticisms of Bush’s policies, the arrogance and boorishness of which, he warns, could ultimately dramatically destabilize the United States’ superpower status. The problem, in Buchanan’s eyes, is the rejection of traditional Reagan-era conservatism by an administration under the sway of the so-called “neoconservatives,” who favor a pre-emptive military strategy and big government and don’t mind running up dangerously huge budget deficits to support it. The war in Iraq, fought without direct demonstrable threat, alienates America in the eyes of the rest of the world, says Buchanan, squandering the global goodwill earned after the 9/11 attacks and creating exponentially larger numbers of terrorists who will threaten the U.S. for generations to come. The zeal over free trade among elected officials, a feeling notably not shared by Buchanan, Ross Perot, and Ralph Nader, is costing America jobs, Buchanan theorizes, and leading to a de-industrialized service-sector-only economy, an end to American self-sufficiency in favor of a reliance on global corporations, and a looming economic crisis. Refreshingly, and unlike pundits of his day, Buchanan crafts his arguments by examining world history, offering detailed analogies to the Roman Empire, the Civil War, and pre-Soviet Russia among others. Conservatives alienated by the Bush administration will find an eloquent champion in Buchanan and even liberals, who may not have known there was a conservative argument against war in Iraq, stand to learn something from a right side of the aisle perspective so different from that found in the Bush White House.  – John Moe

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