Ralph de Toledano: Cry Havoc

The Great American Bring-down and How it Happened

Anthem Books, 2006     Amazon.com

Back Cover:

In the last five decades war has been declared on America and its institutions, and we are losing it. Rape and violent crime have soared. Religion and morality have been under unremitting attack. Education, once among the world’s finest, has been “dumbed down”, threatening the country’s ability to compete against an increasingly technological world. Marriage and the family, the tie that binds a viable society, are under major assault. Drug addiction, sexual license, and teenage violence have become epidemic.

How did this happen? In Cry Havoc, journalist and social historian Ralph de Toledano documents in chilling detail how a cabal of intellecutals, educrats, and politicians, manipulated by a well-financed, world-wide conspiracy, organized the strategy to undermine the American system – and how this has been accomplished. His sources have been Presidents, government and academic leaders, top-level intelligence operatives, and the wreckers themselves – in a never-told-before and in-depth account.

Cry Havoc is must-reading. The writing is at Ralph de Toledano’s best, better than which no one gets. It focuses on the historical and the contemporary, casting a sharp light on the players and the events of our deeply troubled times. The emphasis is on education, ideology, and communications, and the onslaught on American institutions, principles, and way of life is both timely and significant. Toledano has the crack journalist’s eye for sidebar information, which enlivens the reading throughout the book.”  William F. Buckley, Jr.

“Cry Havoc is not only well written but absolutely right. As one of Ralph de Toledano’s great admirers, I read this book with great enthusiasm.”  Prof. Herbert London, pres. Hudson Institute

Cry Havoc is magnificently composed and is the product of enormous research. Although I have seen much on the subject, I learned a great deal from the book. Toledano uncovers continuities between the Frankfurt School’s conspiracy and the rampant cultural terrorism in America.”  Prof. Paul Gottfried

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JOB’s Comment

Quite a few things here that are somewhat unclear to me.

1 Response to “Ralph de Toledano: Cry Havoc”

  1. 1 Alan Williams June 6, 2012 at 12:09 pm

    Toledano’s book pulls no punches in its description of how America and the west’s elites have been taken in by neo-Marxist neo-Freudian ideologues who persuaded them to lead their populations to exchange their own democratic, Christian civilisation for totalitarian, ‘politically correct’ barbarism.

    It is a ‘must read’ for anyone who cares about freedom of speech, of religion, of conscience and a free future.

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