10th International Conference on Persons

The 10th International Conference on Persons at the University of Nottingham last week was a success – probably the best of the five Conferences on Persons I have this far attended. Not least the banquet in the stripped-down-classicist Trent building from 1929 (seen in this picture at a distance, from the park) with a well-preserved interior, was delightful. The success is mainly attributable to the local organizer, my friend Dr R. T. Allen, the author of Beyond Liberalism, and, most recently, The Necessity of God. I knew he would do it well, since I had been at two of his Appraisal – or SPCPS (Society for Post-Critical and Personalist Studies) – conferences at the same place. Many old friends were there, but also many who came for the first time.

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Jan Olof Bengtsson D.Phil. (Oxon.)


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