Voices Against the Libyan War

It is absurd and ridiculous to intervene against dictators and terrorists and fundamentalist extremists in the Muslim countries while at the same time allowing such people increasingly to take over Europe through mass immigration.

The neocons’ bomb democracy has only made things worse in the Muslim world. It is not just wrong in itself. It has also been totally counterproductive.

The U.S. and the European countries should build up a sufficient defence, and then simply leave the Muslim world alone. The latter would be happy to sell all the oil we need (although this need very definitely does not have to be in the future what it is today), and it would cost nothing compared to the wars.

And then the Muslim world might also follow the example of a truly exemplary West, and move towards its own moderate, creatively traditionalist, alternative form of modernity.

The left is particularly repulsive today (and of course revealing its true nature), suddenly supporting with self-righteous moralism the American Empire which always used to be its main enemy, and after having defended or kept silent about Gaddafi for decades.

Daniel Hannan:

Dennis Kucinich:

Björn Söder (in Swedish):

Jack Hunter:

Peggy Noonan

Victor Davis Hanson

Daniel Larison

Justin Raimondo

Daniel McCarthy

Richard Haass

Pat Buchanan

4 Responses to “Voices Against the Libyan War”

  1. 1 futiledemocracy March 22, 2011 at 10:01 am

    I am not sure why you are assuming muslims are “taking over” like one big united group. I dated a muslim girl two years ago, she’s now a close friend. In London we walked past a BNP table, and the guy spat at her.
    She is not part of any “conspiracy”, she loves this country, she isn’t radical. She isn’t “taking over”.
    Mass migration is the result of one thing; global inequality. If you build a ten foot wall around food and wealth, those without food and wealth will always build an eleven foot ladder. Closing borders off to labour, yet opening borders to food and goods and capital, is only ever going to result in mass migration. Nationalism and Capitalism breed mass migration. The only way Capitalism and Nationalism try to cope with its internal contradictions; is fascism.
    If we want to live in a Capitalist society, then arbitrary national borders based on abstract concepts like “nationalism” are irrelevant and massively contradictory to the economic system.

    • 2 Jan Olof Bengtsson March 22, 2011 at 10:15 am

      Why do you think I’m assuming Muslims “are ‘taking over’ like one big united group”. I’m certainly not. Your Muslim date disproves what I say? Is this serious? I too know many wonderful Muslims who are not dictators, terrorists, or fundamentalist extremists. But because the immigration is “mass”, it also includes such people. Mass migration is the result of globalist capitalist-socialist (etc.) ideology, interests, and power politics. So what you say about capitalism and migration is right but incomplete. I very definitely do not want to live in a capitalist society. Capitalism is a monstrous, onesided exaggeration, allowing capital and the market unduly to dominate society. Do you mean to say that you still believe in the simplistic Stalinist and Comintern propaganda about the relation between fascism and capitalism? The concept of nationalism may be defined in different ways, but all concepts and definitions are abstract. There may or may not be something wrong in applying an abstract concept of nationalism to politics, depending on the definition and the nature of the application. And nationalism (the referent of the concept) can perhaps be said to be more or less abstract. But nations and nationality are highly concrete historical entities. The borders of nations are in some but far from all cases arbitrary and – whether arbitrary or not – based on nationalism or concepts of nationalism. They do indeed contradict a capitalist economic system.

  2. 3 Bengt March 24, 2011 at 9:24 pm

    Läs också Jonas De Geers roliga parodi på bombgalningarna:


    Och Tommy Hanssons ofrivilliga parodi på bombgalningarna:


  1. 1 Vår dystra framtid « Beska droppar Trackback on April 6, 2011 at 6:53 am

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