Samuel Francis: Beautiful Losers

Essays on the Failure of American Conservatism

University of Missouri Press, 1993

From the Back Cover:

“Why is the mindset of the Right changing? Because many have come to conclude that the system doesn’t work. Because many have come to accept the scalding indictment of Samuel Francis’ new book…’Nearly sixty years after the New Deal’, writes Mr Francis, ‘the American Right is no closer to challenging its fundamental premises and machinery than when Old Rubberlegs first started priming the pump and scheming to take the United States into a war that turned out to be a social and political revolution. American conservatism…is a failure.'”  Patrick Buchanan

“This collection of provocative articles and review essays by a Washington Times columnist deals variously with the quarrel between the Old Right and the Neoconservatives, the emergence in the last decade of multiculturalism and political correctness, as well as the shifting of traditional moral, sexual, and social norms.”  Publishers Weekly

“In Beautiful Losers Samuel Francis stakes his claim as one of the most important conservative thinkers of our time. His work complements the efforts of an earlier generation of American conservatives who focused on defining and celebrating the ‘social and cultural substratum’ on which our freedom rests. His unique and valuable contribution has been to define the forces that threaten that freedom, while offering a framework within which we can fight to preserve it.”  Chronicles

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