Charles Joshua Chaplin – Academic Paintings

Kindle Book by Daniel Ankele and Denise Ankele

Ankele Publishing, 2011

Book Description:

ChaplinCHARLES JOSHUA CHAPLIN Art Book contains 30+ Reproductions of portraits and genre scenes with title,date and interesting facts page below. Book includes Table of Contents, thumbnail gallery and is formatted for all Kindle readers and Tablets (use rotate and/or zoom feature on landscape/horizontal images for optimal viewing).
BORN: June 8, 1825 in Les Andelys, Eure, France. DIED: January 30, 1891 in Paris, France.
MOVEMENT: Academic
INTERESTING FACTS: § In 1840, Chaplin studied at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris. § Chaplin often visited the studio of fellow Academic painter, Martin Drolling. § In 1845, he entered the salon with his Portrait of the Artist’s Mother. § Chaplin taught art classes exclusively for women at his studio. Among his students were Mary Cassatt and Louis Jopling.
NOTABLE WORKS: A Beauty with Doves, Girl with a Nest, Reverie, The Big Sister, The Soap Bubbles, A Song Silenced.
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