William F. Jasper: Global Tyranny…Step by Step

The United Nations and the Emerging New World Order

Western Islands, 1992     Amazon.com

Back Cover:

Jasper“With the UN we are contending against not only the natural tendency toward the accumulation of power in government, but also a long-standing, organized conspiracy of powerful forces to build, piece by piece, step by step, an omnipotent global government.”  William F. Jasper

Mr. Jasper’s carefully documented book demolishes the illusion that the world is safer following the apparent demise of communism. A new world order under the United Nations would mean:

– An end to your God-given rights guaranteed by the U.S. Constutition

– National and personal disarmament

– Conscription into a UN army of police force to serve at the pleasure of the UN hierarchy

– Loss of parental rights to raise your children according to your personal beliefs

– Coercive population control that will determine when – or if – you may have children

– Communist-style dictatorship and ruthless terror, torture, and extermination to cow all peoples into submission


1  The New World Army

2  In the Name of Peace

3  The UN Founders

4  Reds

5  The Drive for World Government

6  Treaties and Treason

7  The Gobal Green Regime

8  The UN Grab for Your Child

9  The UN War on Population

10  The New World Money System

11  The Compassion Con

12  The New World Religion

13  UN Regionalism – The European Community

14  Get US Out!


“Skeptics and doubters have met their match; there is no way to discredit William Jasper’s message. This remarkable book is far more than just a compendium of facts; Jasper offers instruction in political theory, the wisdom of our founding patriots, the essence of human nature, and world politics from 1900 to the present.

Jasper’s goal is not merely to present relevant facts, but to present them in such a comprehensive, related way that their full meaning and significance open the reader’s mind to what is really happening in our time. No other writer known to this reviewer has covered this material or this time span with both the devotion to incisive detail and the ability to pull all the threads together that Jasper demonstrates. His picture makes sense out of incoherence. After 45 years of misinformation and obfuscation about the UN, here at last its role becomes crystal clear.”  The New American

About the Author:

William F. Jasper is a senior editor of The New American magazine and was a contributing editor to its predecessor, The Review of the News. He has written extensively on a wide array of topics, including the European Community, the United Nations, Central America, terrorism, espionage, Soviet disinformation, the new world order, subversive organizations, and abortion.

Mr. Jasper is a widely respected authority on education, immigration, and environmental issues. His articles from the UN Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro provided some of the most informative and incisive reporting on that event available to American readers. He is in high demand as a speaker on many subjects and is a regular guest on radio and television programs across America.

A native of Idaho and a graduate of the University of Idaho, William Jasper joined The John Birch Society staff in 1976 and served as Director of Research for the West Coast office. He lives in California with his wife Carmen and two sons.

JOB’s Comment:

A revised and updated edition of this book was published in 2001 under the title The United Nations Exposed. Jasper is, as far as I have been able to see, the JBS’s best writer in recent decades. JBS’s publications are often characterized by the society’s onesided libertarianism and its too speculative interpretations and conspiracy theories. But these things are at a comparative minimum in this book. Jasper does overlook how it has in fact been possible in some cases to use the UN to oppose at least some aspects of and agents in the problematic kind of globalization that the organization normally embodies and is a main vehicle of in today’s world. In some areas which are not among those extensively focused on by Jaspers, it is also important to note how his American perspective is different from and doesn’t always duly consider that of other and smaller nations. Yet these are minor, peripheral weaknesses. The book (both the original and the updated edition) is well-written and thoroughly documented, and on the whole, the criticism of the UN is on target. This is a refined version of the JBS worldview, on a new and higher level, with a wealth of new facts. The countless naïve, ignorant, and thoughtless defenders of the UN must begin to take into account the kind of evidence here presented of the ideological roots of, the interests behind, and the true nature and purpose of the organization.

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