Phyllis Schlafly, Ed Martin & Brett M. Decker: The Conservative Case for Trump

Regnery, 2016. Go buy on Amazon.

From the Inside Flap:

SchlaflyIf you can’t stand Hillary Clinton, but wonder if you could vote for Donald Trump, you need to buy this book.

In it, you’ll learn from conservative icon Phyllis Schlafly – lawyer, bestselling author, and “sweet- heart of the Silent Majority” – why Donald Trump is worthy of every conservative’s vote.

Joined by Ed Martin, the former head of the Missouri Republican Party, and Brett Decker, formerly an editorial writer with the Wall Street Journal and the Washington Times, Schlafly presents the real Trump, the Trump she and her colleagues have met with and interviewed, the Trump who promises to be the most conservative president America has had since Ronald Reagan.

Like Reagan, Trump, if elected, will inherit an America on the ropes, an America transformed into an unhappy, unprosperous, weakened, and divided nation. He will face in Hillary Clinton a far left ideologue who considers herself above the law.

Trump is the antidote to all that – a first-time politician who could actually live up to his campaign slogan to “Make America Great Again.”

In The Conservative Case for Trump, Schlafly reveals:

1. How Trump’s appointees to the Supreme Court (on which Schlafly advised him) could be the most consequential in a century
2. How, unlike any other Republican, Trump could actually fix the nation’s immigration mess
3. Why his economic platform could spark an economic revival on the scale of the Reagan boom of the 1980s (it is based on much the same plan)
4. How Trump will defend the First Amendment – guaranteeing freedom of speech and religion – against an ever more dictatorial Left
5. Why Trump’s fresh thinking on defense and foreign policy is long overdue – and could send terrorism into rapid retreat

Donald Trump is the most controversial Republican presidential candidate since Barry Goldwater, and could be the most conservative and successful since Ronald Reagan. Phyllis Schlafly makes an irrefutable case that needs to be shared with every wavering voter. Nothing less than the future of our country is at stake. If you buy only one political book this year, it has to be The Conservative Case for Trump.


“Phyllis Schlafly is an American treasure who has been fighting the good fight for American sovereignty and cultural renewal for five decades. Without Phyllis, there’d be no Donald Trump. This book by Phyllis Schlafly, Ed Martin, and Brett Decker shows why Republicans not supporting Trump are helping elect Hillary Clinton.”  Laura Ingraham, radio host and editor of LifeZette

“Donald Trump has dominated the election conversation in the 2016 cycle for a reason: he strikes a chord with voters who are sick of a political class that is running America into the ground. In The Conservative Case for Trump, Phyllis Schlafly, Ed Martin, and Brett M. Decker show how President Trump can get our country back on the right track, and why Republicans and independents need to unify behind his candidacy.”  Newt Gingrich, former Speaker of the House of Representatives

“Phyllis Schlafly has been a brave, badly needed voice of resistance to the takeover of the Republican Party by business interests and bloodless ideologues who’d love to flood America with cheap immigrant workers (to do the jobs they haven’t already outsourced to other nations). Early on, she recognized the potential for Donald Trump to rebuild her party along more patriotic, common sense – and, she would say, Reaganesque – lines. What comes through in these pages by Schlafly, Martin, and Decker is the calm reason of veteran Republicans and patriots who can’t be bought or intimidated. I think a lot of Democratic patriots will be persuaded too.”  Mickey Kaus, journalist and author

The Conservative Case for Trump is nothing less than the case for saving America from socialist tyranny cemented into place with the votes of millions of Third-World immigrants. It is the case for making a U-turn to expand economic opportunity, an America First foreign policy, preserving our constitutional rights – especially our First and Second Amendment rights – and ending the insanity of government-enforced political correctness. Every conservative needs to read this book and heed the wisdom of the heroic Phyllis Schlafly.”  Dr. Thomas DiLorenzo, professor of economics, Loyola University Maryland; senior faculty, Ludwig von Mises Institute; and author of The Problem with Socialism

About the Authors:

Phyllis Schlafly, the founder and CEO of Eagle Forum, has been a conservative icon since her bestselling book, A Choice Not an Echo, was published in 1964. A lawyer, activist, author, nationally syndicated columnist, and radio commentator, she lives in St. Louis, Missouri.

Ed Martin has been president of Eagle Forum since January 2015 and previously served as chairman of the Missouri Republican Party, a member of the Republican National Committee, and was chief of staff for Missouri governor Matt Blunt. He lives with his wife and four children in St. Louis.

Brett M. Decker has been an editor for the Wall Street Journal, editorial page editor for the Washington Times, and has written for publications ranging from the New York Times and USA Today to National Review and the American Spectator. He served in Republican leadership in Congress and was a senior appointee in the George W. Bush administration. Author of Bowing to Beijing and Global Filipino, he is from Detroit.

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