12th International Conference on Persons: Call for Papers


Lund University Main Building

Papers in any area or discipline are welcome, so long as their themes are relevant to the ideas and concepts of persons, personhood, and personality as a philosophical, theological, psychological, social, political, historical, creative, or linguistic concern.

Papers must not exceed a length of 3000 words and should be prepared for blind review.

In the e-mail sent with the submission, we require the following eight items:

1.  word count – 3000 words maximum

2.  author’s name

3.  academic status (professor, unaffiliated, graduate student)

4.  institutional affiliation (if any)

5.  mailing address

6.  e-mail address

7.  the paper’s title

8.  an abstract – 200 words maximum

Submission deadline for abstracts is MAY 1, 2013. Full papers will be reviewed on a rolling basis, since travel plans for some need to be made well in advance. Submissions of complete papers will be refereed as soon as they are submitted. Those who submit abstracts will receive preliminary approval of the abstract, but full acceptance depends upon the complete text, due by JUNE 1, 2013.

No more than one submission by the same author will be considered.

Email as an attachment a copy of your paper and/or abstract in rich text format to:



Each paper will have a commentator. Persons whose papers are accepted will be expected to serve as commentators, if asked. Others interested in commenting should send a note to the conference e-mail address above by June 15 detailing availability and areas of interest. Copies of papers will be available by July 1 or earlier. E-mails of authors will also be available for purposes of sending your commentary in advance of the conference.


The conference website provides information about travel, accommodation, registration, confirmed speakers etc. as it becomes available:


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