12th ICP Keynote Speaker: Keith Ward

We have the pleasure to advertise the internationally well-known philosopher – primarily but not exclusively philosopher of religion – Keith Ward as our keynote speaker.

Ward has not only written much on personhood and its meaning, but has also done pioneering work in comparative philosophy and comparative theology, studying most of the world’s major traditions of thought. The latter too is relevant since we seek to make comparative perspectives on personhood one theme of this conference (not to the exclusion of anything else!), hoping to have more scholars – and also representatives – of non-Western traditions as speakers.

Ward has been F. D. Maurice Professor of Moral and Social Theology and Professor of the History and Philosophy of Religion at the University of London, and Regius Professor of Divinity at Oxford. After retiring from the last of these posts in 2004, Ward has taught at Gresham College in London as Gresham Professor of Divinity; this is one of his lectures there (1-6):

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