Peter Hitchens: The Cameron Delusion

Continuum, 2010     Amazon

Book Description:

HitchensThe struggle between the main political parties has been reduced to an unpopularity contest, in which voters hold their noses and sigh as they trudge to the polls. Peter Hitchens explains how and why British politics has sunk to this dreary level – the takeover of the parties and the media by conventional left-wing dogmas which then call themselves “the centre ground”. The Tory party under David Cameron has become a pale-blue twin of New Labour, offering change without alteration. Hitchens, a former Lobby reporter, examines and mocks the flock mentality of most Westminster journalists, explains how unattributable lunches guide coverage and why so many reporters – once slavish admirers of Labour – now follow the Tory line. This updated edition of Hitchens’s The Broken Compass (2009) features a brand new introduction. In an excoriating analysis, Hitchens examines the Tory Party’s record in government and opposition, dismissing it as a failure on all fronts but one – the ability to win office without principle. The one thing it certainly isn’t is conservative.


“Hitchens is in general exhilaratingly good when attacking the hypocrisies and stupidities of specific individuals…The best parts of the book are the vivid (and self-ironical) scenes of foreign reporting.”  Steven Poole, The Guardian

“[Hitchens] writes with much of the verve and brio of his elder brother [Christopher Hitchens] and with a greater regard for detail and accuracy.”  Anthony Howard, New Statesman

About the Author:

Peter Hitchens is a British journalist, author and broadcaster. He witnessed most of the final scenes of the Cold War, and was a resident correspondent in the Soviet capital and in Washington DC. He frequently revisits both Russia and the USA. He currently writes for the Mail on Sunday, where he is a columnist and occasional foreign correspondent, reporting most recently from Iran, North Korea, Burma, the Congo and China.

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