The European Parliament Farce

Geert Wilders and, as far as I understand, the Front National’s vice president Florian Philippot have now made impossible the formation of the new European Alliance for Freedom group in the European Parliament, or, more precisely, made necessary its indefinite postponement, by refusing to accept the participation of Polish Nowa Prawica – a libertarian party which, like Wilders’s own, is much closer to UKIP than FN.

As in the case of UKIP’s rejection of FN, the objection is made with reference to allegedly antisemitic remarks from the party leader, Janusz Korwin-Mikke.

At the same time, hostile Swedish media charge that Italian Europe of Freedom and Democracy member Movimento 5 Stelle’s leader Beppe Grillo too has made antisemitic statements. And indeed, if Jean-Marie Le Pen’s statements are antisemitic, Grillo’s certainly are so to at least the same extent. For this reason, it is said, SD must reject M5S (and thereby end the newly formed EFD).

Could it be that M5S are really more antisemitic, extreme etc. than FN, the leading EAF party? Possibly. At least, Nigel Farage can never again, after his collaboration with Grillo, dismiss FN on the basis of Le Pen’s antisemitism.

But, above all, M5S are far less serious than FN. The negotiations for the formation of the EP groups were ridiculous from the beginning. Now they are becoming farcical. But not only because of Grillo, the professional comedian.

Merge the EFD and the EAF groups now, once and for all – before Philippot declares that FN will never have anything to do with UKIP and SD since they cooperate with the racist fascists in M5S. And make clear what is antisemitism and what is not.

2 Responses to “The European Parliament Farce”

  1. 1 Joakim Larsson June 26, 2014 at 7:20 pm

    UKIP:s hållning är förvisso inte moraliskt högtstående. Man kan anföra ungefär samma argument rörande deras samarbete med Lega Nord under förra mandatperioden. Jag hoppas på att UKIP:s motstånd mot FN ska avta när väl det brittiska valet är avklarat. Möjligen kan somliga av partierna inom EAF redan nu antas till EFD. Jag får intrycket att åtminstone vissa inom UKIP kan tänka sig en sådan lösning.

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