James Goldsmith: The Trap

Macmillan, 1994     Amazon.co.uk

GoldsmithJames Goldsmith, after amassing a vast fortune in the 1980s, turned his companies into cash before the stock market collapse on Black Monday. He officially “retired” from business to devote himself to ecological causes. (His brother, Teddy, is the founding father of the British green movement, and publisher of the “Ecologist”). His enquiries led him to confront the worldwide problems of unemployment, urban decay, the poisoning of our food and air, and made obvious the lack of essential solutions politicians, of whatever persuasion, were offering. He confronts in this book, the “sacred cows” of modern political and economic thought, exposing why global free trade will destroy nations, the lies about the nuclear energy industry, why agricultural policy is poisoning and destabilizing communities, and the cost of a welfare state that doesn’t deliver welfare.

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Wikipedia     sirjamesgoldsmith.com

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  1. 1 KSS January 27, 2015 at 5:12 pm

    Sir James Goldsmith in 1993 on Why the Euro Will Not Work

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