Paul Brunton: The Secret Path

A Technique of Spiritual Self-Discovery for the Modern World

Rider, 1934

Book Description (from one of the later Rider editions):

Brunton“The treasure-trove of the real self is within us, but it can be lifted only when the mind is still.”

Paul Brunton was one of the 20th century’s greatest explorers of, and writers on, the spiritual traditions of the East. He travelled widely throughout India (in particular) and met gurus and teachers who enriched his life immeasurably. By passing on to us the wisdom he learned directly from these holy men, he is widely credited as having introduced yoga and meditation to the West.

In The Secret Path, Paul Brunton explains in simple language how to meditate, and how this will transform your everyday existence. He also describes the remarkable experiences and understandings he himself gained from meditation and how, by making this ancient practice a part of your life, you will be able to experience a valuable kind of freedom and a deep inner peace.

The classic work – which has been reprinted many times – is a very special pointer towards your inner world, and one written by a most unusual and adventurous man of insight.

Praise for Paul Brunton (from the same edition):

“Paul Brunton was surely one of the finest mystical flowers to grow on the wasteland of our secular civilization. What he has to say is important to us all.”  George Feuerstein

“…a great gift to us Westerners who are seeking the spiritual.”  Charles T. Tart

“A person of rare intelligence…thoroughly alive, and whole in the most significant, ‘holy’ sense of the word.”  Yoga Journal

“Paul Brunton was a great original and got to a place of personal evolution that illumines the pathways of  a future humanity.”  Jean Houston

“A simple, straightforward guide to how philosophical insights of the East and West can help create beauty, joy, and meaning in our lives…His keynote is balance, and his uplifting message encompasses all phases of human experience.”  East West Journal

“…sensible and compelling. His work can stand beside that of such East-West bridges as Merton, Huxley, Suzuki, Watts and Radhakrishnan. It should appeal to anyone concerned personally and academically with issues of spirituality.”  Choice

“Any serious man or woman in search of spiritual ideas will find a surprising challenge and an authentic source of inspiration and intellectual nourishment in the writings of Paul Brunton.”  Jacob Needleman

About the Author (from the same edition):

Born in London in 1898, Paul Brunton published thirteen books between 1935 [according to my edition of The Secret Path, the first edition was published in 1934 – JOB] and 1952. He is generally recognized as having introduced yoga and meditation to the West, and for presenting their philosophical background in non-technical language. He died in Switzerland (where he lived for 20 years) in 1981.


I     With a Wise Man of the East

II    Man – Science’s Greatest Riddle!

III   The Mysterious Overself

IV    The Practice of Mental Quiet

V     A Technique of Self-Analysis

VI    A Breathing Exercise to Control Thoughts

VII   The Awakening to Intuition

VIII  The Awakening to the Overself

IX    The Way of Divine Beauty

X     The Gospel of Inspired Action

XI    Spiritual Help in Material Affairs

XII   The Epilogue

JOB’s Comment:

It is difficult to choose modern books on spirituality to recommend. No one expresses only my own views. But most of course contain some of them. Brunton’s were among the first I read, back in the 1970s. See also my earlier Brunton posts, in the Spirituality category.

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