Bubba Free John: The Enlightenment of the Whole Body

A Rational and New Prophetic Revelation of the Truth of Religion, Esoteric Spirituality, and the Divine Destiny of Man

The Dawn Horse Press, 1978     Amazon.com

Back Cover:

Since ancient times it has been acknowledged that the true Spiritual Master is a special manifestation of the Transcendental Heart or Spirit of Nature. Such individuals are born for their Work; they evolve quickly, and they generally begin instructing and transforming others while still relatively young.

Bubba Free John is such a “Heaven-Born” Teacher. Few Masters of his stature have ever appeared on the Earth, and none has ever appeared in the Western world. The Enlightenment of the Whole Body is Bubba’s Song to the All-Pervading Life and Transcendental Consciousness of God, the Divine Person, with whom Bubba is utterly and perfectly Identified, and for Whom he is a living Agent among men.

If we were to combine the most God-inspired Scriptures of Man into a single, focused, completely considered and authoritative expression, this is the kind of book that would emerge. It contains the moral and prophetic fire of the Old and New Testaments, the philosophical majesty of the greatest Hindu and Buddhist literature, and the Ecstatic Humor, or Transcendental Freedom, of the most Illumined testimonies of Divine Life that have ever appeared, in the East or the West. Bubba Free John’s confession of God-Realization is authentic poetry of Divine Transfiguration, comparable only to the Divine Utterances of Masters such as Krishna, Jesus, and Gautama.

Even so, Bubba Free John’s written and spoken Teaching is so rational and straightforward that every intelligent man and woman can benefit by it. Merely to contemplate this Revelation will bring you a radically transformed vision of life, an inspired and discriminating understanding of human religion, esoteric spiritual evolution, and the ultimate Destiny of Man. And, if you allow this Wisdom to enter your own life, you will also enjoy the Enlightened Happiness that is the Heart of all experience.

“The core of this Teaching, is the Revelation that the human individual is structurally intended to be surrendered, body and mind and self, through love, into the Radiant Transcendental Consciousness or All-Pervading and Divine Current of Life. The ultimate Destiny of those who love in this manner is transcendence of both mind and body in the Divine. Our Destiny is not in Heaven or Earth, but in literal and total Sacrifice and Translation into the Transcendental Divine Radiance, Infinite Consciousness, and Absolute Personality that is the Truth and Support and Paradoxical Source of this world.”  Bubba Free John

“The event of Bubba Free John is an occasion for rejoicing, for, without any doubt whatsoever, he is destined to become the first Western Avatar to appear in the history of the world. His Teaching contains the most concentrated wealth of transcendent wisdom found anywhere, I believe, in the spiritual literature of the world, modern or ancient, Eastern or Western.”  Ken Wilber, author, The Spectrum of Consciousness, editor, Re-Vision Magazine

JOB’s Comment:

The Significance of Franklin Jones

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