Kenneth Thurston Hurst: Paul Brunton

A Personal View

Larson Publications, 1989

Back Cover:

Thurston HurstPaul Brunton is generally recognized as a major contributor to the spiritual renaissance of modern Culture. His first book, A Search in Secret India, was an instant popular success in 1934, vividly recounting his fascinating spiritual odyssey seeking out the genuinely holy men of India. It was followed by A Search in Secret Egypt, which highlighted his awesome experience of spending a night alone in the Great Pyramid. Nine more books followed in quick succession, including his monumental twin works The Hidden Teaching Beyond Yoga and The Wisdom of the Overself.

With the completion of The Spiritual Crisis of Man in 1952, Paul Brunton refrained from further publication during his lifetime. But he continued to write Daily, capturing frequent flashes of profound inspiration until his death in 1981. These later writings, published posthumously in sixteen volumes as The Notebooks of Paul Brunton, are now attracting widespread critical acclaim and sparking a resurgence of interest in his life and works.

Paul Brunton: A Personal View is an engaging account of a unique father-son relationship. Here we see the man behind the renowned philosopher from the privileged perspective of his only son, who shared a close lifelong relationship with his father. This warmly intimate account chronicles more than sixty years of richly varied memories, offering many surprising glimpses into the personal side of a thoroughly modern man of wisdom. Highlighted is Paul Brunton’s previously unpublished account, in his own words, of his personal experience of illumination – affirming to all sincere seekers that lasting self-realization is possible here and now for those willing to meet its requirements.

Kenneth Thurston Hurst recently retired as president of Prentice-Hall International, the global publishing house. He now devotes his time to researching, lecturing and writing about spiritual subjects.

On Thurston Hurst (1923-2009) on (Paul Brunton Philosophic Foundation)

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